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A few days ago, when I started learning node.js on, I had heard of some of the things that were taught in that video series, but now I can say that I have worked with and understand at a basic level, the following:

In addition, I have learned some new things I hadn’t heard of:

“The more I learn, the more I grow.  I’ve got a lot to grow.” – Kenny Ray

bookmark_borderLearning Node.js

I’m currently learning node.js through As part of this course, I’m also learning about unit testing, which I’m sure will come in handy soon. Once this course is done, I will probably start watching some Laracasts and learning about Laravel, which should expose me to more unit testing.

I am finding unit testing very interesting, and only slightly confusing so far. But the topic seems secondary to the learning of node.js, and he’s flying through the different tools that are available through npm. Still, I’m getting a lot of good information.