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Another great discovery

I found an interesting tool today called Symbol Hound. It is a search engine for programmers that allows you to include symbols in your search. Google tends to remove them, and as such is not really a good search engine for programmers. So if you’re looking for something like ‘php $’, or ‘#’, it doesn’t always return what you’d expect. This site indexes only major programming related sites like Stack Overflow. The owners say this is to help keep costs down. It costs a lot to house the data they crawl. They even politely ask you to turn off your ad blocker to support them. I turned mine off because I like to support other programmers, and I know how expensive it is to run a server.

Useful? Yes, but…

Personally, I don’t know how often I’ll use this tool, but I feel that it is valuable enough to write a blog post about it. It isn’t every day you need a search engine for programmers, but when you do, it’s nice to know there is one out there!

SearchHound logo

Check it out at

*One thing to note is that it does not support https at the time of this posting. I have no idea why, since it doesn’t cost anything to set up a free SSL certificate.


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